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HCR4US Colleagues in Colorado celebrating their successful teamwork getting an M4A resolution passed. (Elaine Branjord front, holding resolution; Linda Mahan, 4th from right)
May 2023 LOBBY Day in Boston
(L to R, Areliz B., Zach O., Lois G., & Barbara P.)
Judy Esterquest (LWVNY and PWM) presenting the HCR4US concurrence campaign to a workshop at the PNHP Meeting in Boston (Nov 2022)
Hank Abrons (LWVCA BAE) with Don Kolisch (PNHP NH) at the Annual meetingJudy Esterquest making a point
Barbara Pearson (LWV Amherst MA)
at PNHP meeting Nov 4, 2022
Betty Keller (LWVVT)
at PNHP meeting Nov 4, 2022
The Caucus Team at 2018 Convention (with speaker, Dr. Claudia Fegan (2nd from left)Centennial Chorus in Georgetown
Diana & Barbara “easeling” at indoor market, 2019Colleen in sandwich board
Barbara at Health Financing Committee Hearing, Boston, June 2019Linda, Rivko, and Carol at presentation 2020 in AZ

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