2024 Newsletters

April 2024 Newsletter
• When Healthcare becomes Wealthcare• Leveling the playing field for Traditional Medicare • More abortion bans authorized, More ballot questions organized
March 2024 Newsletter
• “Moral Injury” is shrinking health care workforce • Gen Z mental health–A mixed bag • Confusing medical pricing inflates cost of drugs.
February 2024 Newsletter
• Asking questions about the LWVVT Update Concurrence• LWV and Poor People’s Campaign’s shared goals • Post-Dobbs: Abortion on the ballot.
January 2024 Newsletter
• Timeline for bringing LWVVT Concurrence proposal to Convention• LWVCA takes a stand on Prop 1 (opposed) • Case study of anti-trust suit again Private Equity strategy

2023 Newsletters

December 2023 Newsletter
• LWVVT adopts new position on Privatization in Health Care • Preparing grassroots campaign to bring new position to Convention • Health is the human face of Climate Change
November 2023 Newsletter
• Cycle of Medical Debt, Homelessness and Health • Activists Expand Access to Medication Abortion • Prescription for Health Care-on Community Radio
October 2023 Newsletter
• Claims-Denials by AI • Keeping Rural Hospitals Open • Ripple Effect in Mental Health Denials
September 2023 Newsletter
• Overcoming polarization • Substance Use Disorder Case Study • Reversing overdoses with Narcan
August 2023 Newsletter
• Vertical Integration in Health Care – Is it legal? • Medicare Birthday Quiz • Behavioral Health in Prisons (WA)
June 2023 Newsletter
• La Plata CO Coalition • New CMS Guidelines: “Alternate Private Insurance Plans” (no longer “Part C”) • Calamity Curves and Health Insecurity
May 2023 Newsletter
• M4A Action — Federal and State • Surgeon General’s Advisory on Loneliness • Local Leagues Prioritize Health
April 2023 Newsletter
• Maternal Mortality Crisis/ U.S. Response • State LWV Health Care Efforts
March 2023 Newsletter
• The Medicare “Brand” • Applying a DEI Lens • Youth Suicide
February 2023 Newsletter
• The Power of Rural • Ending Pharma Greed • Upcoming and “ICYMI” events (In case you missed it)
January 2023 Newsletter
• Medicaid Expansion as Economic Stimulus • The Native and Strong Lifeline (988 system) • M4A Resolution Process

2022 Newsletters

December 2022 Newsletter
• Reaching Out to Broad Spectrum • Loss-centric Messaging • County Public Health
November 2022 Newsletter
• Local Actions Strengthen M4A Efforts • State HC Committees • Doulas Bring Caring Focus
October 2022 Newsletter
• What does Privatized Health Care Look Like • Oregon’s Plan for Universal Care
September 2022 Newsletter
• Alarming Privatization of Medicare • Privatization glossary • Making the most of asking questions
August 2022 Newsletter
• Roe v. Wade—staying nonpartisan? • Medicare anniversary • Social Determinants of Health
July 2022 Newsletter
• Updated HC Position • Updated Cost of Profit in HC • Common Goals
June 2022 Newsletter
• Convention Talk: Crises in Health Care • HC Reform and Making Democracy work
May 2022 Newsletter
• Growing Support for HCR4US • Preparing for Convention + Upcoming Events

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