Vermont Concurrence Steps – How to Help

Contact for Concurrence questions: 

The League of Women Voters of Vermont (LWVVT) would like your League to support putting a discussion of concurring with their new Privatization Position on the agenda of the LWV National Convention in Washington, DC, this June–as a recommended item.  Materials and instructions will appear on this page. For more about the rationale and background, go to the main 2024 Concurrence page.

Materials Needed for “Critical Steps”

Instructions for using the materials from this page. Please use the materials from this page as provided. When there is only a pdf, the text should be changed only by the original authors. When a Word document is provided, the text can be modified as you feel necessary.

Critical Steps – Please do as many as possible.

  1. Introduce the Vermont position and the Concurrence statement to your Board, and ask for their support to put it on the LWVUS Program Agenda FOR DISCUSSION
  2. If they agree for their League to support discussion of the concurrence and are willing to appear in the list of supporting Leagues, have the president or authorized delegate send an email confirming support to
  3. Put your support into the LWVUS Program Planning Survey following the precise directions in the League Instructions for supporting VT Update linked above (due by March 10).
  4. Spread the word about the Concurrence to your League network, especially within your state.

Next Steps (More education on the topic)

The first WEBINARS by the LWVVT Update Committee took place around FEB 5 on Zoom. Here is a New VIDEO (from 2/8/24) presentation for LWV-CO by Betty Keller, MD of LWVVT “What does LWV Vermont Want to Do?” Youtube link. Additional. information (and time stamps identified) in the description field below the video.

Or if you can’t find the link, go to LWV HCR Interest Group’s YouTube channel to find it. (Subscribe while you’re there. It’s free.)


(Prepared by the LWV Health Care Interest Group on behalf of LWVVT)

Critical Steps - How to Help

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